Alyssa & James Koci

For those who didn’t know, this wedding is a very special wedding to us. We have grown up with the Mazurek family since elementary school and getting to know them quite well through the years. So when we were asked to capture such a big day as Alyssa’s we were more than honored to be apart of such a wonderful day. Thank you again for allowing us to be apart of your very special day!

The day started off getting ready at the Holiday Inn in Yorkville, IL. We were reunited with the Mazurek sisters and family and we got to work! Filming makeup and the flowers, trying to get all of the details and sparkle of the dress. We had moments to catch up with the family. Got our big hugs from Tracey (mother of the Bride), and touched base with the wonder Meghan McCarthy (Photographer). We will work with her any time of year, she is a complete joy and very good at what she does. After getting footage we needed of the dress and details, it was time for getting dressed! This lead to the moment of the morning. Capturing Hank, the father of the Bride, as he got to see his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.

After Dad’s first look, we stuck around for some pictures directed by Meghan, and headed off to the church (because we need that drone footage!).

Alyssa and James were pronounced husband and wife at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Yorkville, IL. At one point, we were called to the stage (photographers and videographers) because the light was beaming on our beloved couple in the most gorgeous way. The ceremony was smooth and filled with love from friends and family coming from all over to support the new marriage of James and Alyssa. Through the vows, the rings, and the kiss, Alyssa and James were ready to tie the knot.

Alyssa and James with their wedding party. [Sony A7III 85mm 1.8]

Alyssa and James with their wedding party. [Sony A7III 85mm 1.8]

Following the ceremony, the wedding party hopped on Naperville Trolley and were off to pictures! We let Meghan take control and we kept our camera’s rolling! Capturing the classic moves of the Groom, to the “walking and talking” wedding party, it was a blast.

The trolley headed to the final destination of the big day, Whitetail Golf Course also in Yorkville. As required by all photographers and videographers, we were able to take the couple and sneak away during the golden hour of sunset where we were able to get the intimate moments of Alyssa and James (making sure the dress didn’t get caught in that bridge!)

Once when our golf cart decided to travel faster than 2mph, we came back to the banquet area and this is where the fun began! A toast from Alyssa’s sisters (Ashley and Caitlyn), and from James’ cousin, a “classic Hank” speech with love and humor, a bunch of dancing and some of the most talented accordion players we have ever witnessed! We got to experience the celebration of the Mazureks and the Kocis in their new shared family between Alyssa and James.

The obligatory macro shot of the Bride and Groom’s rings! [Sony A7III 90mm 2.8 Macro]

The obligatory macro shot of the Bride and Groom’s rings! [Sony A7III 90mm 2.8 Macro]

On this day, we were able to capture many laughs and many tears. Alyssa and James, we are honored to have been included in this day, and we CANNOT wait to share all of the moments we filmed.

Our unsolicited piece of advice: Be patient, everything you are used to doing on your own. Now you have someone you share the dishwasher with, someone who hangs their towel a certain way. Be patient, and be flexible, you will find the groove that works for you :)

Congrats again to you both,

Miguel & Dan

Miguel Caballero

Web Developer, Photographer, Husband